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Effectively design personnel development, training, coaching and consulting for your talents and executives.

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Value is created when performance builds on identity and success creates meaning.

Michael Kühner
Managing Partner

Effective and professional design of your leadership development solutions

We help talents, managers and organizations to become more successful with professional solutions for all aspects of personnel development. In consulting, training and coaching, Strametz focuses on modern and effective learning concepts with very special learning experiences.

In dynamic and challenging times, when corporate cultures are in upheaval and executives are seeking their effectiveness, we see our calling in creating impressive “aha” moments with special methods of location determination and further development that generate self-knowledge, motivation for change and clear perspectives. In this way, we at Strametz contribute to targeted and effective management development that makes managers more satisfied with their role and more effective in achieving success for their company.

For us, economic success is directly related to the people as well as the culture that shapes them. High action competence, unifying values and efficient work processes bring about growth and create effective forms of cooperation. On the path to performance, success and fulfillment of meaning, we support talents, leaders and organizations in discovering and realizing their true potential.

With Strametz, your company will be more successful in the long term because people can develop there and give their best with passion. We ensure this through life-experienced, value-oriented consultant personalities as well as unique diagnostic and development-supporting methods in the sense of effective and holistic personnel and organizational development. Get to know us and our solutions for consulting, training and coaching in a non-binding consultation.

Learn more about us and our company.

The Strametz Leadership Simulation with Active Learning

Experience something different: As the inventor of Leadership Simulation, we are your trusted partner for Active Learning-based talent and leadership development. With our practical and behavior-oriented trainings, we create special learning experiences and, with participant-centered feedback and coaching, spark a high gain in knowledge and strong motivation for change. We offer much more than simple Active Learning. See for yourself what we can do for you in the context of your personnel and organizational development.

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Unique solutions for people and organization in the VUKA world

Experientially different: We love it when people and organizations grow holistically and live their purpose. That's why we've created unique solutions that pick up your HR and organizational development where you need it. Take advantage of our experience in personnel and organizational development, training, coaching and consulting for your successful future.

Strametz Logo Leadership Simulation

Leadership simulations with knowledge gain

Bring the everyday life of your managers into the training room with us. Our leadership simulation solutions with Active Learning techniques go far beyond standardized business games and make personal challenges of your talents and leaders tangible in everyday life. In doing so, we offer implementation-oriented change opportunities that are associated with a high level of insight and trigger motivation for change.

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Next Leadership culture as a sustainable management culture

You are successful as a company when next leaders perform in new working environments and a suitable next-leadership culture serves your corporate purpose. Take the next step for tomorrow’s leadership with our solutions and influence your company’s leadership culture. Join us in becoming the People Company of tomorrow that understands how to align people and organization.

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Personnel diagnostics with a targeted concept

Identify your talents and leaders and discover with Strametz the performance and development potentials as a basis for a future-oriented and target-oriented personnel, team and organizational development. Upon request, we will work with you to develop a concept for the effective and accepted use of validated personnel diagnostic procedures. Promise!

Strametz Logo People Company Lösungen

Successful on the employer market as a people company

Follow the changes in the employer market and work with us on your new direction towards the People Company as part of your HR development. Focus on the resource of your employees with our “employee-centric approach”. Resolve the tension between people management and performance management with us.

Feedback from our satisfied customers

Personnel development with Strametz is a different experience. Our cooperation with customers is based on mutual trust. We maintain friendly relationships with our customers and share development projects with their opportunities and risks. We are the first point of contact for people companies or those who want to become one. In our collaboration, we are experientially different. That’s what our customers say. What is your topic in personnel and organizational development? What can we do for you in terms of training, coaching and consulting of executives and talents?

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We combine an appreciative approach to the individual personality with well-founded feedback on possible and acceptable behavioral changes that can then be easily implemented in day-to-day business.

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Participants of our trainings and coachings therefore describe us as noticeably and “experientially different”. Our offers are not off-the-shelf, they meet your requirements as precisely as possible. Individuality is the hallmark of your future personnel development with Strametz.

What distinguishes Strametz

What sets us apart from other providers is best experienced live and in direct contact with our experienced and psychologically trained trainers, consultants and employees:

  • Customized personnel diagnostics with proven methods for individuals and groups
  • Meaningful potential diagnostics for young talents and experienced leaders
  • Unique system of leadership potential analysis with coordinated tools
  • Real business diagnostics with dynamic assessment, development and orientation centers (inventor and innovation leader)
  • Active learning simulation training with self-reflection, coaching elements and feedback in an interactive process
  • Effective team diagnostics and team development methods
  • Systemic organizational and cultural analyses with recommendations for action in the direction of Next Leadership and People Company

News about personnel development with Strametz

We are your partner for professional potential diagnostics and leadership simulations with active learning-based development of talents and executives. Here you will find selected articles and news on the subject of personnel and organizational development, training, coaching and consulting from Strametz.

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Highlights of our solutions

Our unique development solutions in the context of human resource development with Strametz enable us to bring about deep and lasting change in people and organizations. Get to know our solutions and highlights from our portfolio of offerings.

Know-how for your talent and leadership development

As a long-standing provider of solutions in the field of personnel and organizational development, we also see ourselves, among other things, as a source of impetus and knowledge in the context of personnel topics relating to the development of talents and executives. Here you will find helpful know-how and interesting documents for download. Benefit from our experience from decades of training, coaching and consulting.