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Making a difference as a people company

If you, as a people company, place your employees at the center with professional personnel development measures, more growth is as good as guaranteed.

The upheaval in the world of work can no longer be stopped. For the first time in labor history, companies are facing the challenge of managing five different generations of employees, new digital technologies, and increasingly global competition at the same time. At the same time, they have to keep an eye on the competition and want to maintain or even increase their market share. We have therefore developed solutions for you that open the way to a modern People Company.

Another challenge lies in increasing employee motivation and productivity, which have not improved in decades. The average global motivation score is only 29% – meaning that only one in three employees is motivated to do their best at work. And despite ever new technical innovations, productivity growth has remained the same for several decades. On a global level, productivity has actually declined, which should make all entrepreneurs and decision-makers in companies sit up and take notice.

According to a study by Sage (conducted by Insight Avenue), leading companies achieve significantly faster growth and more sustainable success than others. They are referred to as "gazelles" and usually stand out, especially in HR.
The results reveal a clear pattern: High-growth companies focus on the potential of their employees. We call companies that act in this way a People Company.

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People Company means being a company that puts its employees at the center.

Karl-Heinz Seßler

What is a People Company?

A People Company is a company whose most valuable resource is its people and whose business success depends on its people.

A People Company works proactively to ensure that its employees are motivated, productive and able to give their best. A People Company can also recruit and retain the right people during periods of skills shortages. In a People Company, the tasks of the HR department are constantly expanded to include new competencies and functions in order to meet modern requirements.

Features of a modern People Company

Features of a modern people company by Strametz

People Company: Your path to transformation

Shaping sustainable transformation with new solutions for people-centered leadership - this is how your path to the People Company goes with Strametz.

Today’s progress and change in society, technology, organizations, mindsets, attitudes has been and continues to be at every time in history a result of adapting to a changing world – with increasing complexity and dynamics in accelerated transformation. Companies that adapt to these conditions in their respective industries have good prospects for the future. An adaptation that we see as significant in the future is expressed by the term “People Company,” in which a people-centric approach takes precedence over organizational alignment. 

Crises almost always show how sustainable motivation is, Cohesion, flexibility, customer focus, creativity, etc. are present in your corporate culture, or even not. People Company or not – Crises such as those currently taking place, , bring to light the need for change that people tend to ignore in calmer times. “The good has always been the enemy of the better, Voltaire already knew in the 18th century.

Today, you are an entrepreneur, a decision maker, Responsible parties, together with their talents and managers, are challenged, to take short-term measures and solutions against a crisis and at the same time have to look at their medium- to long-term sustainability. “Agility” is an important topic in this context, but it is also a trendy word that is used in a highly inflationary manner and is unfortunately repeatedly misunderstood and misinterpreted. The greatest common denominator of this term is probably the Ability to adapt to change and customer needs as a person and leader and as an organization and company. Today, you and your organization can only face up to changes in the digital transformation under uncertain market and environmental conditions if the people in the necessary transformation go along with it, actively participate in it, and an ongoing process is established via personnel development that places people and their needs at the center of your company’s activities. 

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Agility is a dynamic capability that allows individuals, teams, and organizations to adapt to changes in the environment on an ongoing basis without the destructive effects of traditional change projects.

Michael Kühner
Managing Partner

If a person knows what he wants and what he can do, this is the basis for flow moments in the job. Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi describes it in his book book “Flow” has described. Through self-knowledge und intrinsic motivation, it is also possible that a person develops his self-control abilities and thus becomes more mature and stable. Since executives in companies are exposed to the outside world can no longer expect stability, this can can essentially only be achieved from the inside, through a mature personality, be developed. At the organizational level, a People Company is therefore about first putting your talents and leaders at the center of development, before they in turn take your insights and skills to the workforce.

At Strametz, we use the term People Company to refer to solutions that have already been tried and tested and which take account of the People Company theme and enable our customers to adapt their systems, organizational structures, processes and job profiles to their employees, their basic needs and their potential. This is not about existing standards and performance no longer playing a role. On the contrary, with our methods and instruments in training and coaching, we pursue a different paragraph: contemporary talent and leadership development with the goal of increasing speed, innovation and growth.

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People Company: tangibly different solutions

On the way to your People Company of tomorrow, we draw on proven methods and tools from our training practice and and our simulation case. Find out here what solutions we have prepared for you, your talents and your managers.

We have found ways of success that enable us to bring about deep and lasting change in people and organizations.

Michael Kühner
managing partner

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People Company:
Backgrounds and know-how

Find articles, whitepapers, studies and more on the hot topic here.

As a company, if you prioritize the employee-centric approach of a People Company, your HR function has a key role to play. In order to design processes and tasks efficiently, you need to find out what motivates your talents and managers and what is required of employees – while adapting to the needs of different generations and taking new technologies into account. Find out here what we believe is important in this process and why we are the right partner for your personnel development.