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Eigenland – jointly identifying core areas for action

The methodology

The Eigenland® method activates both hemispheres of a person’s brain, harnessing the unconscious wealth of experience, harnessing the power of gamification and leading to entirely new, surprising and lasting insights. With the unique combination of haptic, intuitive and digital elements, even uncomfortable aspects become easy to discuss.

Provocative theses from six different areas of an organization are put forward for your topic. These are evaluated intuitively and simultaneously by the participants, so that they cannot influence each other. This results in a team assessment for each thesis, which is later analyzed and discussed in the big picture. The six thesis fields are structured in such a way that they cover essential features from the external environment of the company to its internal communication and that a 360° picture of the core topic emerges.

Step 1: Discover topics together

Choose from existing thesis sets or design your theses individually with us, matching your fields of action. Each workshop topic is thereby divided into six areas in order to obtain a 360° picture of the core topic:

  • Market/environment/external influencing factors (ocean)
  • Identity/Visibility/Culture/USP’s (Mountains).
  • Relationships from inside to outside and outside to inside (flows)
  • Results/performance for all stakeholders (forests).
  • Organization/Structures (Cities)
  • Communication/Relationships (Streets)
Step 2: intuitive thesis evaluation

Each of the six areas is given up to six theses that outline the ideal state. These theses are evaluated simultaneously and intuitively by the participants by placing colorful “treasures” on the thesis disc, which is placed visibly in the center.

Sample Theses on Agile Development & Collaboration:

  • “All of our organization’s knowledge is readily available to anyone at any time.”
  • “To be able to act more quickly, the strategy is developed by the entire leadership team.”
  • “Agile companies need a new understanding of leadership.”
Step 3: haptic gaming experience

These mineral resources have five colors from tar “This does not apply” to gold “This fully applies”. Hierarchies and opinion leaders play no role in the evaluation, because at the announcement of the moderator all drop their treasure hunters simultaneously and completely anonymously in the middle.

Step 4: immediate evaluation

The moderator simultaneously notes down the participants’ evaluations in an app and it immediately moves on to the next thesis. At the end of a thesis area, the overall result can be visualized in a directly appealing way by the app and a printout can be handed out.

Step 5: collaborative appreciative thesis discourse

Now the theses are discussed together on the basis of the evaluation. The moderator can read off which theses have received a high level of agreement or where the group disagrees. The result is an appreciative and value-creating exchange in which perspectives are shared, unused potential is made visible and ideas are developed.

Step 6: develop common image

Thus, all thesis areas are intuitively evaluated one after the other and then rationally discussed. In the end, an individual island of your organization is created by evaluating all theses. It provides you with a common picture for your development topic and shows where potentials can be unfolded.

Special features

  • Innovative mix of workshop and think tank
  • Unique combination of intuitive and rational approach (digital + analog)
  • Playful, multisensory methodology
  • Structured yet flexible process
  • IT-supported visualization

The result at a glance

1. insights into the current status on specific topics in the organization and targeted further work

2. internal commitment and common image of the participants to goals and objectives

3. quick wins, ideas and solutions

4. increased employee satisfaction, higher willingness to perform and efficiency

5. other tangible and intangible successes that can be demonstrated in the long term.

Application and target group

As a certified partner, we work together with you on your development topics. For this purpose, we use the Eigenland® method in an interactive workshop and develop step-by-step concrete action measures for implementation in your company. Depending on your topics, a half to full day is sufficient to experience meaningful results.

Each group can have 4 to 12 participants working on the thesis evaluations at the same time. The group can either come from an existing team, from one or more departments, or be assembled depending on the goal and purpose.

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