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Diagnostic: Personnel diagnostics at eye level as a door opener for self-knowledge and change

Partnership-based and appreciative personnel diagnostics at eye level - our philosophy in accompanying talents and executives when we speak of Diagnostic

The term diagnostics (personnel diagnostics) sounds threatening to many people because they fear being categorized and judged – and usually for a long time or permanently. We bring personnel diagnostics to an experientially different and acceptable level with experienced and qualified consultants. With terms such as location determination, orientation and perspective, we convey a completely new intention to your executives, which we support with suitable methods, training and procedures.

In coaching and leadership development, we aim to lead the processes in dialogue with the people: from pure diagnosis to a partnership-based design and a jointly supported selection or development decision that can be shared by the people. This is how we shape real and lived leadership with you and your employees.

Personnel Diagnostics Graphic by Strametz

The goal of your future personnel diagnostics (diagnostic) is clearly formulated with Strametz: Gaining knowledge for people and organization

The ideal result of any diagnostic process is the gain of knowledge for people and organization. So, on the one hand, it’s about your employees’ and managers’ knowledge of themselves, and on the other hand, it’s about the fit to jobs, roles, tasks and organizational culture in your company. These two perspectives, on the one hand from the point of view of the person and on the other hand from the point of view of the organization, should bring as much agreement as possible in the result if your personnel development is to be successful. In terms of forward-looking Diagnostic.

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Diagnostic: our tangibly different solutions in personnel diagnostics

Anyone who, like us, is involved in the development of people in a professional environment on a daily basis has a wide range of analysis tools at their disposal. That alone is only partially sufficient. For us, the focus is on people and their possibilities. This is demonstrated by our tried and tested successful solutions in diagnostics and personnel diagnostics.

Of course we use digital tools, but the focus is always on people and their development.

Michael Kühner
managing partner

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Personnel Diagnostics:
Backgrounds and know-how

As far as personnel diagnostics is concerned, we know the common and scientifically validated methods very well. We are experts in this and have been applying the best for years. However, we are also interested in innovative concepts that can be creatively combined with classical diagnostics in order to provide our customers with modern instruments.

Find articles, whitepapers, studies and more on innovative topics and developments in HR diagnostics.