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Leadership Potential Compass

The guide to more leadership success

Unique concept for matching leadership potential and career paths

If the best talents have to be identified and selected for later management tasks, general competence diagnostics reach their limits. After all, how can even the best talent competently (i.e., confidently, consciously, and repeatably) handle difficult leadership situations without knowledge, training, and experience?

Therefore, it is time to implement sensible and action-based potential diagnostics in talent management. This also offers the opportunity to discover hidden and less visible talents for current and future leadership tasks.

Three steps for more leadership success

In the Leadership Potential Compass, we guide your leaders and talents through three steps that build on each other. As a result, each candidate and client receives a compass that describes which of the personal potentials and action competencies are available in general and for leadership in particular, which development areas need to be worked on with appropriate measures, and whether the path to becoming a leader makes sense for both sides.

Step 1: Leadership Potential Cockpit

The basis is the psychometric test procedure, the Leadership PotentialCockpit. It serves to determine the six relevant potential factors and forms the diagnostic basis for the further process. The test procedure is based on the Hartman Value Profile, which maps a person’s personal value system in a very short time by ranking value concepts and statements.

Within the Leadership Potential Compass, the test procedure takes 30 minutes to complete and can be done online at any time.

The Leadership PotentialCockpit is a quick and lean, yet accurate tool that can also be used independently in your company through prior certification. In this way, external or internal recruiting processes can also be accelerated and professionalized. Learn more about our training and certification opportunities.

Step 2: Individual potential analysis

In the individual potential analysis, the results of the Leadership PotentialCockpit are verified and personal interests, experiences and orientations are analyzed and discussed in various exercises. This opens up a personal and partnership-based potential consulting for candidate and client.

Within the Leadership Potential Compass, the individual potential analysis takes 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on your wishes and needs, and can be conducted online or in person. The appointment is made according to the agreement with the client.

Step 3: Leadership Simulation

The final step is our unique Leadership Simulation, a behavior-oriented practical simulation within a business simulation company in which leadership behavior is both diagnosed and trained in a social-dynamic context. The direct feedback rounds off each simulation round and the participants already receive valuable impact feedback on their leadership behavior here. Learn more about our unique simulation methodology here.

The special feature within the Leadership Potential Compass: Diagnostics and development coincide here. Through the observation of experienced consultants as well as the structured feedback processes and reflection loops, both a personal location determination with regard to leadership potential and action competence and initial development steps in the simulation are made possible, as the leadership role is exercised several times and initial findings can be implemented directly.

Within the Leadership Potential Compass, the simulation can be conducted online, face-to-face or hybrid and lasts 1.5 to 2 days, depending on your preference and needs. The appointment is made according to the agreement with the client.


Securing the transfer: Evaluations for manager and organization

Personal result report

We compile all results of the participants in a personal result report (compass). A results overview once again presents the individual potential, competence and motivation factors. This is complemented by a summary of key strength and development areas. Individual development recommendations round off the compass and provide the basis for further development for participants, supervisors and HR.

Feedback discussion

In an appreciative and dialogical feedback discussion (approx. 1 hour), the central results, strengths, areas of development as well as practical development recommendations are discussed with the participants. Optionally, supervisors or the personnel department can be involved here. The feedback meeting can take place online or on-site.

Analysis at the organizational level

Through the Leadership Potential Compass, we gain insight into your company’s leadership culture. Through analysis at the organizational level, we highlight key findings and recommendations for action to further develop your organization and culture. This forms the basis for reviewing and supplementing your personnel policy measures and development priorities.

Downloads for the Leadership Potential Compass

Would you like to know more about the process or the scientific background of the Leadership Potential Compass? You are welcome to download more information free of charge.

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