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The New World of Leadership Journeys

Strametz sets new standards for leadership development with unique Leadership Journeys.
Mit Leadership Journeys bei Strametz neue Wege der Führungskräfte-Entwicklung gehen

How Strametz sets new standards for leadership development with Leadership Journeys

With Leadership Journeys on the list of winners of the HR Excellence Awards

The fact that we are on the right track with our approaches to Leadership Journeys was demonstrated by our placement on the list of winners of the HR Excellence Awards in Winter 2022. Based on the co-creation project 2021 for a new Leadership Landscape together with Boehringer Ingelheim Regional Center Vienna (RCV), we have already developed and implemented several Leadership Journeys.

5 Principles for Effective Learning in the Leadership Journeys.

In our Leadership Journeys, we essentially follow 5 principles that enable effective learning for our leaders and emerging leaders:

  1. Process instead of one shots: Continuity and regularity are more effective than singular seminars
  2. More skill than knowledge: Knowledge is good, practice is better, implementation on the job is best
  3. Different learning formats: Good mix of analog and digital as well as social and self-learning elements.
  4. Action learning and adaptivity: Action learning creates direct feedback effects on individual behavior and causes “aha” moments as well as real motivation to change.
  5. Practice Input and output through critical incidents: participants bring challenges from their everyday life and go back to everyday life with applicable solution strategies

Why Leadership Journeys from Strametz are special

Depending on the target group and the main topics, mini-, midi- and maxi-journeys are possible. Whether classic leadership, project leadership, technical leadership or related to specific leadership topics: transformational leadership, agile leadership, self-leadership, preparation for career paths or other topics – for and with our customers we quickly design customized learning journeys that meet the specific context and requirements of our customers.

This is where we differ from the would-be journeys of some competitors who simply pack the old seminars or seminar series into shorter modules and offer them remotely. As in a real landscape, the scenery is varied and offers different paths and options for action.

In 2023, we will therefore launch a Leadership Journey for Next Leaders that offers even greater opportunities for self-direction and choice, increases adaptability to relevant practical topics, and also demands and promotes self-responsibility and commitment to practical transfer.

Learn more about the Next Leader Journey here.

Send your leaders on the Leadership Journey with Strametz

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