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With the Next Leader Journey to more meaning, success and joy

Beginning in early summer 2023, the Next Leader Journey will be available as an innovation in the marketplace for leaders new to their roles. Secure your starting place for the pilot runs already now!
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The 180-day booster for new managers

The Next Leader Journey as an innovation in leadership development

We accompany executives to more meaning, success and joy in their new role! – That’s the vision for the Next Leader Journey, which we will use to support leaders who are new to their leadership roles in their first 180 days, starting in early summer 2023.

Our market observations have shown that Leadership Journeys are in vogue, but most concepts currently on offer merely divide the previous seminar series into shorter individual modules, stretching the development time to several weeks to months. That’s progress, but not innovation!

Therefore, we enter with the claim to develop something new. To do this, we first looked at the experiences and needs of managers who have experienced or suffered the transition from professional to manager. On the other hand, we have looked at the learning needs of the new generations and linked these to the latest findings in the psychology of learning.

Our preliminary discussions with affected managers in this situation clearly show: managers often start their new leadership role unskilled or semi-skilled with a 2-day seminar. Would companies do the same for a controller, buyer or software developer?

Many new managers behave accordingly. They cling to their professional expertise, which has mostly brought them into the leadership function, and are insecure in the actual leadership role.

The Next Leader Journey for more orientation, security and role awareness

We want to offer orientation, create security and awareness for and in the new role with a varied journey with many short touchpoints, and enable success, which is usually already decided in the first 6 months.

We are convinced that our Next Leader Journey will set new standards in the leadership development landscape because we offer a dynamic journey with a completely new combination of formats as well as with more than 20 experienced learning facilitators (with different expertise and focus topics) with many choices and high adaptivity to relevant practical topics of the participants.

Secure your starting place for the Next Leader Journey now!

In April 2023, we will start pilot implementation with the first 30 Next Leaders. To do so, you can apply for a discounted spot for a Next Leader from your organization. Simply use our contact form with the subject “Next Leader Journey”.

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