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Future-oriented personnel development

Recognizing potential, promoting talent, retaining employees – tasks that are more important than ever in view of demographic change and the increasing shortage of skilled workers that goes hand in hand with it, and that present companies with a wide range of challenges, some of which are new. We provide answers to pressing questions and show you how effective personnel development can succeed today and in the future.

Multifunctional development center for a global brand company

For the entire marketing area of a national subsidiary of a global branded goods company, we have developed a multifunctional development center.
In addition to the competence evaluation, the foundation for team development and realignment was laid at the same time. In this best practice, learn how you can use diagnostics and
development as well as create a successful team event.

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Talent management in production

A potential-oriented Development Center provides the basis for a transparent
and fair talent management process to identify and develop candidates for manufacturing leadership positions.

Support career decisions through development centers

A career-oriented development center, positioned between an orientation center and a reflection seminar, provides the
The basis for a genuine commitment between the company and its employees to the
suitable career path.