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Whitepaper: Leadership Potential Compass

Scientific background to our unique procedure in potential diagnostics for executives.
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Basics of our Leadership Potential Compass

With our Leadership Potential Compass, we guide your leaders and talents through three steps that build on each other. As a result, each candidate and client receives a compass that describes which of the personal potentials and action competencies are present in general and for leadership in particular. Afterwards, the candidates know which measures they can use to work on their development areas and whether the path to becoming a manager makes sense for all sides.

In our whitepaper on the Leadership Potential Compass, you will find all the scientific background to our unique diagnostic procedure for leaders. You can also read more about exactly what the process looks like at Strametz in our Leadership Potential Compass product paper.

At Strametz, you will find tools that we have been using effectively for years to identify potential and help people and companies find their personal and professional orientation. For further interesting insights, please take a look at our solutions or white papers.

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Product Paper Leadership Potenzial Kompass Next Leadership Download
Whitepaper Leadership Potenzial Kompass Whitepaper Download
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Product Paper Leadership Potenzial Kompass Download
Whitepaper Leadership Potenzial Kompass Download

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