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Talent management site assessment

This study shows the current status of talent management in German companies and attests to distinctive approaches and sub-processes which, however, are often only short-sighted and require a holistic strategy in order to survive in the competition for talent in the long term.

Talent management in the midmarket

In recent years, talent management has established itself as one of the most important issues for executives and HR managers. This development does not stop at small and medium-sized enterprises either. Here in particular, finding and retaining well-trained employees is one of the decisive factors in ensuring the company’s long-term competitiveness. But how can talent management work specifically in the midmarket? What special features are there to consider and what can practical measures look like? In our new series of articles, SMEs learn how to attract, identify, develop and retain talent.

Talent management in production

A potential-oriented Development Center provides the basis for a transparent
and fair talent management process to identify and develop candidates for manufacturing leadership positions.

Support career decisions through development centers

A career-oriented development center, positioned between an orientation center and a reflection seminar, provides the
The basis for a genuine commitment between the company and its employees to the
suitable career path.