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Study Next Leadership

Our Next Leadership study takes a look at the status of leadership development with a special focus on high potentials and their development in companies.

Talent management site assessment

This study shows the current status of talent management in German companies and attests to distinctive approaches and sub-processes which, however, are often only short-sighted and require a holistic strategy in order to survive in the competition for talent in the long term.

Leadership effective learning

The study sheds light on the role supervisors and leaders play in leadership development and shows which is the best place to build critical leadership skills.

What HR professionals think about personnel development

One look at what happens in HR departments on a daily basis is enough: 40% of internal appointments turn out to be a mistake, according to the Corporate Leadership Council 2010, and only 30% of management trainees in development programs are real talents. To date, these figures have not changed significantly.

Strametz & Associates conducts study

How to learn leadership effectively? Whether leadership can really be learned has been addressed as a question many times. In addition to Fredmund Malik, other personalities also advocate the thesis that leadership can be learned. Dave Ulrich writes in his book “The Leadershipcode, Five rules to lead by” what factors identify a leader. But how […]