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What HR professionals think about personnel development

One look at what happens in HR departments on a daily basis is enough: 40% of internal appointments turn out to be a mistake, according to the Corporate Leadership Council 2010, and only 30% of management trainees in development programs are real talents. To date, these figures have not changed significantly.

Experts disagree about what talent is, what competence means, and how effective talent management works. Find out what HR professionals think about staff development.

Strametz & Associates interviewed several dozen HR professionals about basic concepts of personnel development (PE) during the “Personal Süd” trade fair for HR professionals. The result shows that there are many misconceptions and PE work should be more focused in the future.

What is a talent? What is a competence? HR managers have been dealing with these recurring questions for many years. In this study, Mirjam Hattendorf and Peter Littau have worked out for you what HR professionals think about personnel development and how our diagnostic solutions fit in.

“It is crucial for successful personnel development to distinguish between current performance, competence and potential,” says Strametz & Associates Managing Director Michael Kühner. “Anyone who views the current performance of a manager or employee as potential is depriving themselves of a future-oriented view. Potential can only be understood against the backdrop of a future in which the potential develops into a competence and unfolds under targeted support.” However, a survey of HR managers and staff found that about 35% of respondents believe that a person’s personal potential is a present-related mix of motivation and ability. There is no talk of a future perspective here.

Find out in our study how HR managers can protect themselves from “talent” blossoms and what distinguishes committed dreamers or dreamers from aloof stars or high-flyers and high-flyers.

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