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A look behind the scenes: Interview with Inna Petker

To kick off the year, we interviewed our office manager Inna Petker. Join her for a behind-the-scenes look at Strametz.
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Inna is office manager and with Strametz since 2013

You are a foreign language correspondent and before Strametz you worked as a project assistant for an international humanitarian aid organization. Why did you come to Strametz? Why have you changed?

Inna: Fortunately, that’s how it turned out after a move and a long period of parental leave. I was looking around for a family-friendly part-time position at my new place of residence and got in touch with Strametz. The company just needed support in accounting and since I also had a commercial part in my training and like to learn, I found the challenge of familiarizing myself with this area of responsibility tempting. . The commercial manager at the time also saw potential in me and brought the bookkeeping in-house. That’s how I got on, and that was my first field of learning and application.

What exactly do you do at your job for Strametz? Who are you working with? What is your exact job? What is your job?

Inna: I am a part-time office manager focusing on customer service, finance and general administration. Being of the type balanced relationship and fact oriented, I love my varied work with the two poles. Being in contact with customers and consultants, organizing customer events, where I can also use my foreign language skills, guiding and training new colleagues, dual students, our trainees, temporary staff and interns on the one hand. On the other hand, developing standards and processes for office organization and customer service and then diving into the figures in phases, posting, preparing evaluations, bringing liquidity and budget planning up to date and regularly coordinating with the management on this and with the tax consultant for the annual financial statements ensures a good balance in the tasks.

What motivates you beyond that? What has been your biggest success so far?

Inna: Creative freedom, responsibility and trust promote my intrinsic motivation. With a supportive and reliable team that complements and appreciates each other, a lot can be achieved and even hard times can be overcome.

So Corona was also a very challenging test for us as a company. I consider my forward-looking actions in this situation in the financial area to be a particular success, which was an enormous contribution to our being able to survive this period and invest in digitization despite the sometimes harsh slump in sales in the continuing education industry.

What else do you do when you’re not working at Strametz?

Inna: Managing family ­čśŐ I usually like to be in and around water – our campsite, located on a river and surrounded by beautiful nature, is an optimal place to get down and switch off. On a volunteer basis, I regularly accompany singing on the piano and enjoy meeting or socializing with family and friends.

Thank you very much for this valuable exchange, Inna. We are happy that you are part of the team and we wish you continued fun and much success and look forward to further future and cooperation together.

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