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Study Next Leadership

Our Next Leadership study takes a look at the status of leadership development with a special focus on high potentials and their development in companies.

Leadership effective learning

The study sheds light on the role supervisors and leaders play in leadership development and shows which is the best place to build critical leadership skills.

Multifunctional development center for a global brand company

For the entire marketing area of a national subsidiary of a global branded goods company, we have developed a multifunctional development center.
In addition to the competence evaluation, the foundation for team development and realignment was laid at the same time. In this best practice, learn how you can use diagnostics and
development as well as create a successful team event.

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Our book: Next Leadership

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With our work “Next Leadership – Führung in neuen Arbeitswelten” (Next Leadership – Leadership in New Working Environments), we not only want to provide an overview of empirical findings, different approaches and approaches to next leadership, but also to encourage concrete implementation options and procedures in the company through methods and best practices. Leading HR experts provide insight into your business and their approaches.

What remains of leadership

When Dr. Felser (Netskill Solutions) invites, full halls are guaranteed. This was also the case on March 28 at #NextChampions. This time, people gathered at Phantasialand to discuss, exchange ideas and network in fishbowls and various sessions. Topics included viable success patterns for hidden champions and other companies in the relevant design areas of marketing, new work and HR, and Industry 4.0.

Strametz at the #NextChampions HR event

Already for the fourth time, Dr. Felser invited to networking, exchange and discussion – this time to Phantasialand. 500 visitors found themselves in inspiring sessions on Next Marketing, Next HR and Next Digital. The session on “Next Leadership” by Michael Kühner (Strametz) was also well attended and provided great opportunities for exchange. We also presented our new book for the first time.

Next Leadership needs the Next Leader

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What makes for successful leadership? And when exactly is leadership successful?

Leadership should not only be good, but as effective as possible and generate success. But what exactly does success mean? Success is not easy to define and must always be viewed in context. The word “follow” is in it, and means success follows something. However, success is ultimately something that others evaluate.

Next Leadership means empowerment

In the debate about the right leadership style or method, the concept of transformational leadership has often been emphasized in recent years, which, in contrast to transactional leadership, relies more on inspiration, intellectual stimulation and individual care than on a classic reward system. Above all, it is about offering the employee orientation and meaning so that he or she is self-motivated to perform better.