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Book: New Work – Between Next Work and Society 4.0

Between "Next Work" and Society 4.0 - Drivers, Paradigms, Solutions and Approach

As a highlight, we would like to present the new Competence Book on the topic of New Work. Gather input on drivers, paradigms, solutions and approaches in the discussion of where the world of work is headed. Strametz [&] Associates as co-editor has contributed to exciting articles on next Leadership. The free download is now available here.

The book was written in cooperation with Dr. Winfried Felser from the Competence Site and condenses the most important findings of the leading experts on the topic of New Work.

The time for New Work has come, even if the road to transformation is still long in many places. But that should not discourage you from going down this path. Because many successful practical examples – as described in the book – show that New Work is already working well.

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