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Study Next Leadership

Our Next Leadership study takes a look at the status of leadership development with a special focus on high potentials and their development in companies.

Leadership effective learning

The study sheds light on the role supervisors and leaders play in leadership development and shows which is the best place to build critical leadership skills.

Study of the month: October

In an increasingly globalized world, small and medium-sized enterprises – which are often still traditionally and regionally rooted – are confronted with growing challenges. In order to remain competitive, there is a need to have qualified, capable and motivated managers in the company’s own ranks.Strametz [&] Associates has conducted a study against this backdrop that looks at the management development of medium-sized companies.

Architecture of executive development in medium-sized companies

Strategic personnel development of executives is core factor for corporate success “We don’t have any regulated personnel or management development. The managers tend to look for themselves at what is needed.” This is how things usually work in Germany’s small and medium-sized enterprises. Training budgets are squandered and the potential of key personnel is wasted. […]