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Trust in virtual teams

Virtual teams are becoming increasingly popular, and not just since the restrictions enforced by COVID-19. But are virtual teams also efficient? What makes them efficient? The answer to this question begins with the key to successful cooperation: trust.

So, why exactly do we need trust in virtual teams? In our series of articles, we show you 5 success factors why trust is the key to effective collaboration.

The talent check – discovering and developing potential

The promotion of young talent in the company, be it apprentices, dual students or trainees, is about developing potential and about the question of which best possible path to take in the company in the future. This poses an enormous challenge, as the young talents sometimes still lie dormant in the corporate context like diamonds in the rough that need to be found and polished.

How can training and HR managers discover these unique gifts and talents? And how do you reconcile these and personal orientation movements with future corporate interests?

Potential diagnostics in talent selection

Assessment Center: Old hat or still relevant? Some hate it, many are looking for less onerous processes, and yet most companies use it. What makes a good assessment center today? Latest tools[nbsp] or[nbsp] best practices? What counts in the end is making the right personnel decision. 10 success factors for assessment centers

Architecture of executive development in medium-sized companies

Strategic personnel development of executives is core factor for corporate success “We don’t have any regulated personnel or management development. The managers tend to look for themselves at what is needed.” This is how things usually work in Germany’s small and medium-sized enterprises. Training budgets are squandered and the potential of key personnel is wasted. […]

Success factors in talent management

Which factors are of importance to successfully establish and shape talent management What does the term “talent” mean in your company? What criteria are used to decide whether someone is a “talent” or not? An inconsistent understanding of the term results in many mistakes in companies when working with talent. The targeted definition of terms […]

Talent management – What do I need to know?

Talent management refers to the totality of all strategies and measures in a company that serve to attract, retain, secure and sustain high-potential employees. Talent management used to consist of narrowing down vacant positions through a job profile, generating applications for the position, and filling it to address existing challenges. Today, the freestyle of talent […]