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A look behind the scenes: Interview with Martin Pelz

Success stories are written together at our company. But who are the faces at Strametz? What makes them tick as people and what do they actually think about Strametz? We asked. Today in the interview: Martin, our product developer.

Martin joined Strametz in April 2021 as product developer

You work as a product developer for Strametz. Who are you? What is your exact job and how would you describe yourself? What do you like about working at Strametz?

Martin: Hello, my name is Martin Pelz, 30 years old, living in Kassel. I am currently working on the (further) development of our products, specifically on a new leadership simulation and blended learning programs. I manage the internal communication and information technology as well as the knowledge base and library and support the technical implementation of the remote events.

I am studying business administration and business psychology at the University of Applied Sciences for Economics [&] Management in the 6th semester. I like combining the theory of my studies with practical experience at Strametz. For me, this gives me the opportunity to critically question and understand both worlds. Numerous other tasks arise in the daily work routine, such as research, conceptual work or constructive discussions.

I like the variety and complexity of the tasks and the flexible ways of organizing my day-to-day work. Depending on the task at hand, I can set flexible working hours that fit in with my natural daily rhythm and family life.

The work challenges me and motivates me to learn and grow. I have not yet had this experience in my professional life. Another important point is the corporate culture. We use the same diagnostic and development programs we offer our clients for ourselves – to reflect and evolve.

How was the induction? How did you become part of the team at Strametz?

Martin: On my first day at Strametz, I was given direct responsibility for technical support for remote events, so I was immediately involved in the day-to-day business. The further induction and acceptance into the team were pleasant and personal. After about two weeks, I was familiar with the first most important processes and already had the feeling of being part of the team – despite Corona and home office. The other many processes followed in the months that followed. Just this morning, Inna and I created another process to prepare for and follow up on our Online Leadership Simulation.

What do you think makes Strametz so special for customers? What sets Strametz apart from the competition?

Martin: Strametz has a special energy. It is difficult for me to describe this more precisely. I think it has to do with the fact that both the team in Warburg and the external consultants are intrinsically motivated and all love their work. The open and appreciative communication, the cordial interaction with each other and the willingness to work for the common vision are unique for me. Our shared values and standards, combined with professional and diverse expertise, set us apart from other competitions.

We walk the talk ?

Who are you as a human being? What do you value? Who did Strametz put on the team with you?

Martin: I am the observing and initiating reformer (Jungian dimensions Insights Discovery) with an affinity for phenomena, psyche (affinity profile) and technology ;). I love to think and read, as well as ideas, innovations and complex challenges. I need people around me, music to activate, music to relax, and sometimes quiet. I place special emphasis on a personal and positive relationship with the team and a common goal.

Many thanks to our employee Martin Pelz for the open exchange. We wish you a successful graduation for your studies and for the future cooperation a lot of fun with great experiences and insights.

You would also like to become a part of the team? Then take a look at our careers page now and find out about our current vacancies.

Your Strametz Team

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