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A look behind the scenes: Interview with Christine Wendl

At Strametz, we write the success stories together - and together with the people who stand for Strametz. We asked our employees, our consultants, what makes them tick as people and what moves them at Strametz. Today in the interview: Christine Wendl, our partner and senior consultant.

Christine is a senior consultant at Strametz & Associates and also a shareholder since January 2022

You have already been in personnel consulting for more than 15 years
active. Why did you choose the career path? How did you get
and how was your personal development until today?

Christine: People and the unimagined potential that each of us brings with us have always fascinated me. In my first professional experiences as a student, I experienced impressively the frustration and emptiness of purpose that arise when people are not empowered to develop their potentials and these lie idle and atrophy.

After studying communication psychology, I was able to gain initial experience in human resources development in the healthcare sector – a very exciting environment in which existential issues challenge people in their work every day. It was therefore all the more impressive for me to work with a superior who led with vision and values, who served and who invested in the development of his employees. The motivation, trust and team spirit that this created in this work culture made a deep impression on me and continues to shape my work today.

This experience was the starting signal for my own vocation as a consultant in management and personnel development, in which I have now been accompanying people and companies as a consultant, trainer and coach for more than 15 years.

Why did you decide to work for and with Strametz &
Associates to work and how did that come about?

Christine: “Alone you go fast, together you go further and longer”, says a proverb. For many years, I was a lone fighter as an independent consultant and entrepreneur, but I have always appreciated and found enriching the exchange with other consultant colleagues.

I met Michael Kühner a few years ago at a conference for value-driven entrepreneurs, and after a first outreach with the Strametz team, I knew that a different spirit was blowing in this consulting firm. Teaching and living values has always been central to my work, and at Strametz I have found colleagues with the same value-oriented attitude and love for people that one rarely experiences.

With each successive engagement, Strametz & Associates became a haven for me, where today, as a partner, I am proud to stand alongside people who, with strong values, big hearts and a servant attitude, guide others to develop their full potential.

What are your plans for the future with Strametz?

Christine: My husband and I traveled to Vancouver, Canada, earlier this year with our two children to establish a second foothold there – both for our family office and for Strametz & Associates. Our dream has always been to bring added value to both continents in our fields. As far as my plans are concerned, this means that in addition to my consulting activities in German-speaking countries, I will now also be setting up a new location on the West Coast of North America in Vancouver for Strametz and piloting the first projects with our Leadership Simulation.

Since we are still in Munich with our business as well, it will be a year full of pioneering spirit and adventure. But these qualities come naturally to us as both entrepreneurs and consultants – after all, we never stop developing, and with each new experience we only gain.

What do you do when you’re not working for Strametz?

Christine: My two children, Sophia and Johannes, are just as entrepreneurial as my husband and I, so there’s always something going on with us. Right now we are enjoying living on two continents – nature in Canada and culture in Germany – discovering new things and making memories together for life. As much as time allows, I pursue my passion of teaching leadership to young people and lecturing to people who want to grow in leadership and expand their influence in a value-added way.

Can you give us a guiding principle that you stand for with your work?

Christine: Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, once said, “Before we become a leader, our success depends on how we lead ourselves. But then, when we are a leader, our greatest success is in empowering others to grow in their potential.”

For me, the highest calling of a leader is to develop other people. Under this guiding principle, I encourage people in my work to use their influence positively for others. In doing so, it is important for me to convey that we can only send others where we are willing to go ourselves. Leading by example is everything – in the development of every person and leader.

Dear Christine, thank you for valuable insights into your eventful life with and at Strametz & Associates. We wish you continued fun and success in the cooperation and look forward to the future together. Why a “different spirit” is blowing in our country? Find out and become part of the team!

You would also like to become a part of the team? Then take a look at our careers page now and find out about our current vacancies.

Your Strametz Team

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