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A look behind the scenes: Interview with Katharina Schlichting

At Strametz, we write the success stories together - and together with the people who stand for Strametz. We asked our employees, our consultants, what makes them tick as people and what moves them at Strametz. Today in the interview: Katharina, our project officer in marketing.

Katharina joined Strametz & Associates in 2014 and has been responsible for marketing since 2017.

You have been working as a project officer for Strametz for four and a half years. What can we imagine about your position?

Katharina: That’s right, I’m a project officer at Strametz. However, my role is twofold. On the one hand, I manage some personnel diagnostics client projects. This ranges from the preparation to the management of the measure on site to the follow-up of the customer’s request, preparation of results etc.

On the other hand, I am responsible for marketing at Strametz. Here, we have been working with an experienced marketing expert since last fall, with whom we have reorganized our marketing and increasingly standardized our processes. We benefit enormously from his know-how in our marketing team and it’s great fun to learn a lot of new things and to be able to increasingly think outside the box.

What exact tasks do you have in marketing?

Katharina: The tasks in marketing are really versatile. As already mentioned, we started with the basics in the last few months – a lot of analysis, a lot of questioning and also a lot of looking in our small marketing team to see who has which strengths and which subtasks can and would like to take on based on this. My job is to plan and manage our marketing activities and implement them together with the team and our agencies. Always in close exchange with the management and our marketing expert.

What challenges do you experience in your role at Strametz?

Katharina: We have found more and more over the last few years that continuous and customer-focused marketing is essential for us. Because of my two-part role at Strametz, it was often the continuity in marketing that suffered. In the future, I will increasingly pull myself out of servicing new customers and fully commit myself to further consolidating our marketing and growing into the new role, which entails more responsibility.

What other marketing projects does Strametz have coming up this year?

Katharina: First of all, our new processes have to settle in and continuity has to be ensured. It will certainly take some time before we are completely harmonized. Nevertheless, Strametz will still have a lot to do this year. Among other things, we are planning a major website relaunch for the second half of the year, which will primarily make our web presence more customer- and user-friendly. I’m really looking forward to it and am excited about the new look and feel of Strametz. Speaking of “new” – we are also working on another exciting thing, but I don’t want to anticipate too much yet. #staytuned

Thanks for the behind the scenes look. Now we would like to get to know you as a person. Who did Strametz [&] Associates bring onto the team with you?

Katharina: With me, Strametz has a very versatile person in the team who tackles things quickly and can also accomplish a great deal. A certain urge for order and structure is important to me, but if pragmatism is called for in one place or another, I sometimes let things slide. I also believe that I (almost) always remain relaxed and calm – even if there is a fire somewhere.

I also love working in a team that supports each other, where you can laugh heartily, but also work productively on issues. When things are harmonious in my workplace, I feel at my best – and fortunately, that has always been the case in the seven years I have been with Strametz!

Thank you for sharing so openly, Katharina. This was a conversation with interesting information and insights. We’re excited about what’s in store for us this year, and wish you and the marketing team the best of luck.

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