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A look behind the scenes: Interview with Luca Rose

Success stories are written together at our company. But who are the faces at Strametz & Associates? What makes them tick as people and what do they actually think about Strametz? We asked. Today in the interview: Luca, our dual student for Business Management.
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Luca is a dual Business Management student at Strametz & Associates since January 2022

You will work as a project assistant for Strametz as part of your dual studies at the FHDW (University of Applied Sciences) in Paderborn. Who are you? Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Luca: Very much so. My name is Luca Rose, I am 21 years old and live in Scherfede near Warburg. I graduated from high school in 2020 with a focus on business and started a dual study program for business management at the FHDW in Paderborn in October 2021. In my free time I love to go to the gym. I have currently been in my first practical phase at Strametz since January.

How did you find the FHDW and why did you want to study there? What major are you taking?

Luca: The FHDW has often presented itself at our school in the context of orientation days and presented various study programs. That’s when the first contacts were made. After graduating from high school, it was clear to me that I wanted to study. However, I did not want to lose the connection to practice in the process. This made the dual study program at the FHDW the obvious choice. There, each three-month theory phase is followed by a three-month practical phase. I am enrolled in the Business Administration program with a focus on Business Management.

What are your personal goals? How are they connected to Strametz [&] Associates?

Luca: My personal goal for the next few years is to successfully complete my bachelor’s degree. In doing so, I would like to gain a lot of experience and develop personally during the practical phases at Strametz. After graduation, my goal is to get a permanent job directly, ideally at Strametz.

What is important to you for a good working relationship at Strametz [&] Associates? How can the team support you in this?

Luca: A positive working atmosphere and mutual trust are particularly important to me for a good working relationship. It is also important to me that I can work independently and that I am also given responsibility. With Strametz, I therefore have a good partner for my future development at hand.

Thank you very much for the open exchange. We wish you good knowledge in your upcoming theory phase at the FHDW and much success for the exams. We look forward to having you back in the office this summer so we can tackle the projects together again!

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