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Obituary Dieter Strametz

We bid farewell to our company founder and shareholder Dieter Strametz, who passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly on March 11 of this year at the age of 78.

22.04.1943 † 11.03.2021

Born in Klagenfurt in 1943, the graduate economist founded Dieter Strametz Personalberatung in Frankfurt in 1978, which was renamed Dieter Strametz [&] Partner GmbH in 1991. Especially the fields of recruiting and diagnostics were significantly influenced by him and companies all over the world were advised and accompanied by him and his team of 120 consultants with great success in peak times. With the invention of behavior-oriented leadership planning games, the company further increased its level of recognition and rose to No. 2 in the German HR consulting market at the end of the 1990s. Even when the company suffered massive economic damage with the dotcom bubble at the beginning of 2000 as well as the effects of the general economic crisis in the following years, Dieter Strametz did not allow himself to be discouraged, but saved the company with a great deal of personal commitment and was able to continue running it, albeit with lower capacities than before. In 2008, during the next economic crisis of all times, Dieter Strametz [&] Partner GmbH won a major mandate, which gave the company a stronger boost again. In 2010, the successor company was formed under the management of Michael Kühner and Erhard Peters. This was followed by a continuous process of handing over customers and products to today’s Strametz [&] Associates Deutschland GmbH, of which Dieter Strametz remained a partner until his death.

With his brilliant thinking as well as his wealth of experience, he was always available to provide advice and support to the new managing partners from 2012 and was a welcome guest on a wide variety of occasions. We look back with reverence on his achievements in the HR market in Germany and beyond and thank him for the opportunity to continue his work. We particularly appreciate and emphasize the good succession process, in the course of which Dieter Strametz was able to increasingly let go of authority and business, while at the same time gladly sharing his experience and knowledge in an advisory capacity. This is not a matter of course and only few founders and long-time owners succeed in such a constructive and positive way. However, he did not remain idle even in his retirement – he wrote poems that were published in several books.

“People themselves should always be at the center – only then can a company also be successful.”
Dieter Strametz

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