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Self-awareness instead of teaching concepts

Nowadays, the focus on one's own person can no longer be achieved only through classic methods such as lectures, courses or books, but must take place in an experience-led manner.

The focus on the own person must take place experience-led

This is because it is only through one’s own actions that it is possible to learn holistically and more actively, combined with a higher quality in the transfer of applications. This can, of course, take place directly “on the job”, but the tolerance for error is not particularly high in practice, especially among managers, since important decisions carry far-reaching consequences. Nevertheless, leadership development should use real and challenging problems that are emotionally challenging and not just activate the cognitive learning mode.

In practice, this can be implemented through behavioral settings, such as a dynamic and interactive simulation. Participants thus learn to take on various leadership challenges and solve real problems in a fictitious company. A structured feedback process is used to reflect on the behaviors and experiences demonstrated.

The majority of our clients use this offering within leadership development programs and in talent management, because a participant’s natural patterns of action can be easily identified themselves in this setting. An in-depth reflection process often triggers genuine consternation, which leads to a serious and deeper examination of one’s own person and leadership role.

This takes leadership development to the next level, where it’s about real leadership issues and personal challenges that leaders not only grasp, but seize.

Against the backdrop of market developments, the New Work discussion and our experience in advising various companies, the following study was conducted to include the views of corporate practitioners on the requirements for managers today and tomorrow. From this and other studies, discussions with entrepreneurs, contributions from scientists and practitioners, we develop concrete concepts for potential analyses, management development and organizational consulting. Because it is not enough to change requirements without preparing people for them with suitable development concepts.

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