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Talent management site assessment

This study shows the current status of talent management in German companies and attests to distinctive approaches and sub-processes which, however, are often only short-sighted and require a holistic strategy in order to survive in the competition for talent in the long term.

Leadership effective learning

The study sheds light on the role supervisors and leaders play in leadership development and shows which is the best place to build critical leadership skills.

Provide clarity & security

In everyday working life – and especially in a time of crisis like now – there are often difficult issues that need to be communicated to employees: for example, an unpleasant business situation, uncertain prospects or personal cutbacks.

The be-all and end-all when it comes to bad news is good communication!

Study of the month: March

A team from Harvard Business School and the BCG Henderson Institute surveyed more than 11,000 employees and 6,500 top managers on employees’ willingness to change.

Conclusion: Employees were much more interested in acquiring new skills than employers thought they would be. The study shows that employees are adaptable and optimistic about the future.

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Leadership that makes sense

People strive to be able to tell their lives as a coherent story: As a narrative with desirable goals in the future and a past that gives strength through the good we look back on, but also the crises we have grown from. When integration of the past and anticipation of the future make a coherent whole in today, people say: That makes sense.

Our book: Next Leadership

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With our work “Next Leadership – Führung in neuen Arbeitswelten” (Next Leadership – Leadership in New Working Environments), we not only want to provide an overview of empirical findings, different approaches and approaches to next leadership, but also to encourage concrete implementation options and procedures in the company through methods and best practices. Leading HR experts provide insight into your business and their approaches.

What remains of leadership

When Dr. Felser (Netskill Solutions) invites, full halls are guaranteed. This was also the case on March 28 at #NextChampions. This time, people gathered at Phantasialand to discuss, exchange ideas and network in fishbowls and various sessions. Topics included viable success patterns for hidden champions and other companies in the relevant design areas of marketing, new work and HR, and Industry 4.0.

Next Leadership needs the Next Leader

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What makes for successful leadership? And when exactly is leadership successful?

Leadership should not only be good, but as effective as possible and generate success. But what exactly does success mean? Success is not easy to define and must always be viewed in context. The word “follow” is in it, and means success follows something. However, success is ultimately something that others evaluate.

Value-based leadership in transformation

Values sound like permanence, transformation sounds like change. We always live between continuity and change, we preserve and change. That has always been the case. What is different today? The world is becoming ever more complex and interconnected, technical developments more rapid as a result, and thus the overall pace of change is breathtaking. How are we as leaders supposed to “stay the course”? Let’s take a look at the patterns behind the changes and the constants to watch out for.