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Value-based leadership in transformation

Values sound like permanence, transformation sounds like change. We always live between continuity and change, we preserve and change. That has always been the case. What is different today? The world is becoming ever more complex and interconnected, technical developments more rapid as a result, and thus the overall pace of change is breathtaking. How are we as leaders supposed to “stay the course”? Let’s take a look at the patterns behind the changes and the constants to watch out for.

7 tips on how best to tackle transformation processes

The future is approaching at breakneck speed. Agilization is therefore becoming increasingly urgent in traditional organizations. After all, the more cumbersome an organization, the more susceptible it is to overtaking. And groundbreaking news comes along every month today.

In times of exponential change, all business models are only temporary anyway. And remodeling is permanent. There are no blanket recipes for this. Rather, suitable procedures must be jointly developed, tested, adapted, further developed, and even discarded as quickly as possible if necessary. And above all, ambidextry.

Playground or breakthrough?

… whatever the headline for the “new” skills, prerequisites, challenges or competencies of a management team, the ability to change is consistently cited as a fundamental characteristic. Leaders are needed to show our society and our companies the way into the new world of digitalization. But where do we stand today in this evolution towards agility, new work and collaboration on the one hand, and innovation, digitalization and artificial intelligence on the other?