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Study Next Leadership

Our Next Leadership study takes a look at the status of leadership development with a special focus on high potentials and their development in companies.

The nextleader can be recognized by certain talents

In our consulting practice, we repeatedly find that applicants for a management position that is to be filled in the short term are often selected using the same methods as junior employees who are actually to be developed in the long term(s). Thus, there is no clean differentiation between competencies and potentials. But actually it is clear: If I am looking for a competent manager for a current management job, I need a competence diagnosis in order to make an optimal decision. But if I am looking for the best talents for a talent pool for later management tasks, then competence diagnostics reaches its limits. After all, how can even the best talent competently (i.e., confidently, consciously, and repeatably) handle difficult leadership situations without knowledge, training, and experience?

Therefore, it is time to implement sensible and action-based potential diagnostics in the entire trend topic of “talent management”. This also offers the chance to discover hidden and less visible talents. In a meta-analysis on leadership potential, we investigated which talents speak for high leadership success here. Read more in our full article.

The nextleader does not have to be perfect but reflected

It is an old adage that managers have to operate in the area of tension between employees and the company and manage this. If you read current specialist articles on the subject of tomorrow’s leadership and what the manager must be able to do, the question quickly arises as to how the nextleader is supposed to do it all. The truth is, the nextleader cannot be equally good at all tasks, but he must be aware of the requirements and his behavior in order to lead successfully in the complex and dynamic world. In today’s article, you will learn what role feedback and self-reflection play here and how the process can be meaningfully integrated into the company.

The nextleader promotes talent

Managers who recognize and use the individual talents of their employees lay the foundation for lasting motivation and top performance. The nextleader is aware of this fact and recognizes what is special in each of its employees. Read our post on how this is possible by hiring the right people, customizing the job for the employee, and how the nextleader makes the employee great.

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