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Study Next Leadership

Our Next Leadership study takes a look at the status of leadership development with a special focus on high potentials and their development in companies.

Leadership effective learning

The study sheds light on the role supervisors and leaders play in leadership development and shows which is the best place to build critical leadership skills.

Future-oriented personnel development

Recognizing potential, promoting talent, retaining employees – tasks that are more important than ever in view of demographic change and the increasing shortage of skilled workers that goes hand in hand with it, and that present companies with a wide range of challenges, some of which are new. We provide answers to pressing questions and show you how effective personnel development can succeed today and in the future.

5 Competencies for the future

What does current research say about future competencies? What skills will employees and managers need in the future?

Eight studies with a combined total of more than 3,000 respondents were included in our metastudy. Overall, 64 competencies emerged as particularly important in the studies. We give you an overview and focus on the 5 most important future competencies.

Study of the month: June

Around a third of managers in Germany feel overworked and insecure. This is shown by a recent study conducted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in cooperation with the Rheinhard Mohn Institute for Corporate Management. Since doubts about leadership have been shown to be associated with a lower leadership impact, many companies consequently give away valuable potential.

But what are the reasons behind the self-doubt of German managers and how can it be remedied?

The executive in the digital age

Industry 4.0 is not a measurable goal like a company’s budget planning. For example, sales, earnings, costs, investments, personnel, etc. are defined for one year or even several. During this period, the figures can be used to determine whether you are achieving the targets or whether there are any deviations. With Industry 4.0, there are hardly any measurable variables. When employees ask me where we will stand on the topic of Industry 4.0 in 5 years, I answer: I can’t say. I declare that Industry 4.0 is a path we want to take and that I firmly believe it is the right thing to do for our company and our jobs. You can’t measure the future, and you can’t know it. You can shape the future yourself if you have conviction, faith and hope in what you are doing. That is why visions are important. They are not measurable quantities. However, they can give us the courage to break new ground and create success in the future.

Playground or breakthrough?

… whatever the headline for the “new” skills, prerequisites, challenges or competencies of a management team, the ability to change is consistently cited as a fundamental characteristic. Leaders are needed to show our society and our companies the way into the new world of digitalization. But where do we stand today in this evolution towards agility, new work and collaboration on the one hand, and innovation, digitalization and artificial intelligence on the other?