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Transformational Leadership Training

Transformational leadership

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Especially in the course of many transformations, the transformational leadership model is currently receiving a lot of attention. That is why we have designed a special version of our classic leadership simulation to address precisely this issue.

Participants reflect on their leadership styles comparing transactional and transformational behaviors. In the process, they receive an initial assessment of their personal application of the various leadership styles either through a self-assessment conducted in advance or even through a 180° degree feedback process. In the simulation, you will then experience challenging situations that will be individually reflected on using a feedback process geared towards transformational leadership and your results report. This real-life experience and reflection expands awareness as well as leadership style repertoire for various leadership situations. Leadership style flexibility and leadership style confidence are improved for everyday leadership.

  • Get to know and apply two empirically well-researched leadership models (transactional and transformational leadership)
  • Reflection on one’s own leadership actions and favorite styles
  • Expansion of one’s own leadership style repertoire
  • Recognize and evaluate the possible applications and situational fit of six specific leadership styles (within the two leadership models).
  • Practice: apply different leadership styles in specific situations
  • Reflection of the implementation in practice

Module 1

  • Leadership: Basics and Context
  • Transactional and Transformational Leadership:
    Definition and principles, differences and interaction
  • Outlook (for further module)

Module 2

  • Training in different exercises
  • Reflection

Module 3

  • Reflection and observation of own practical experiences
  • unanswered questions or need for more in-depth information
  • Offers for in-depth impulses
  • Preparation for 1:1 coaching

1:1 Coaching

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