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Training “Time and Self Management

Time and self-management

Acting instead of reacting – a wish of many

What can I do to not feel rushed? How can you succeed in keeping several balls in play? How can I feel like I am meeting my professional challenges with aplomb. Just as there are no patent remedies for this topic (since, after all, everyone has to find his own way in his own way), some basic truths can be identified that can provide important impulses.

This compact seminar provides a colorful array of proven ideas and offers opportunities to translate them into individual action strategies.

This seminar is suitable for

  • Employees and managers

The participants

  • learn tools and strategies of self-management
  • reflect on their own work behavior and derive possibilities for improvement
  • develop greater sovereignty in dealing with their working time
  • are less likely to be under time stress
  • Time – how much for what? The Balance Model Overview
  • Plans – how much for what? Developing a sense for the right dose
  • the basic rules of planning
  • Reconciling effectiveness and efficiency
  • Priorities – the way to the essentials
  • the Pareto principle
  • the Eisenhower and $25,000 methods
  • Detect and eliminate time wasters
  • “I already had it in my head” – Will control as a decisive success factor
  • how much structure can chaos take?
  • Putting the “inner pig” in its place

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