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Training “Leading in change

Leading in change

Leadership actually only legitimizes itself through change, because if everything is to remain as it is, no leadership is needed. Nevertheless, employees and managers are particularly challenged in company-wide change processes. Uncertainty, ambiguity, discomfort are emotions that come up and cannot simply be stifled.

How can leaders maintain their own stability, provide guidance, and ensure that employees perform at their best even in times of change? These are the core questions in this seminar.

This seminar is suitable for

  • Executives

The executives

  • know the mechanisms and emotions that occur in relevant (company-wide) change processes
  • understand human (psychological) cause and effect relationships of change dynamics
  • develop strategies for effective leadership in times of change
  • learn about and apply practical measures and tools for change leadership
  • Connection between leadership and change
  • Emotions, forms of anxiety and stress in change processes
  • Different reaction patterns of people (types)
  • Reviewing one’s own attitudes (as a manager) in change processes
  • Leaving employees to their own devices and leading them into self-responsibility
  • Maintain personal stability and generate change energy
  • Levers and possibilities for action of the manager for effective leadership
  • Practical applications of these levers and options for action
  • Practice cases from and for practice

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