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Training “From employee to manager

From employee to manager

Confident handling of the new challenges

The transition from employee to first management position is not always easy. The new role brings more responsibility and requires different behaviors toward former colleagues. Here it is necessary to find the balance between closeness and distance, the right tone of address and the conscious handling of the team’s habitual behavior patterns in order to meet the expectations and challenges of the new task.

This seminar is suitable for

  • Employees who will take on their first management position
  • Employees who have just taken on their first management position

The participants

  • learn to gain security and acceptance in the new leadership task
  • Recognize the core challenges of the role change and receive strategies for a new and clear positioning
  • deal with behavior and reaction patterns of the team (old colleagues) and can classify them
  • receive practical tips and impulses that can be quickly implemented in everyday life and provide security
  • Clarification of changes in the leadership role: requirements and tasks
  • Dealing with former colleagues: special problems when changing roles (ensuring acceptance in the new leadership role, delegation to former colleagues, conducting employee interviews with former colleagues)
  • Inner attitude to leadership: reflecting on one’s own self-image of leadership, development of a personal positioning
  • Managing people: using simple tools to lead, address, motivate and manage performance effectively
  • Identify and defuse potential conflicts with and between employees
  • Picking up on the initial experiences and difficulties and doing practical exercises with leadership styles that are appropriate to the situation

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