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Training “Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Professional handling of conflicts

Conflicts are a normal occurrence when people meet in their differences. Dealing with conflicts is therefore part of normal everyday work. Nevertheless, emerging conflicts always succeed in driving the participants into speechlessness, outbursts of rage or subtle power struggles. This damages the team or the organization and often has to be paid for with a high price. Dealing professionally with conflicts is therefore a hallmark of a learning organization – and makes work more pleasant for everyone.

This seminar is suitable for

  • Employees and managers


  • Understand conflict as a normal process
  • learn to recognize how far a conflict has progressed
  • recognize their own behavior patterns in conflict situations
  • are able to de-escalate conflicts through appropriate communication
  • Managers learn how to act as clarification assistants in conflicts in a goal-oriented manner
  • where conflicts come from: understanding the causes
  • Fundamentals of conflict management
  • Types of conflict and the stages of escalation (according to F. Glasl)
  • Dynamics of conflicts – and how to slow them down
  • Communication in conflicts according to the rules of the art
  • when communication reaches its limits – what then?
  • Attitudes and methods for constructive conflict management
  • practical exercises and conversation sequences
  • Role and attitude of the manager in conflict situations
  • the clarification helper in conflicts for executives: How can I constructively accompany conflict partners as an executive?

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