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Seminar “Leadership

Basic seminar for managers

The entry into the management task

Leadership tasks are necessary for the coordination of goals, tasks, coordination and responsibilities, which makes the role of managers an essential key function. Managers bear the indivisible responsibility of leading, promoting and supporting themselves and their employees in line with the corporate strategy and corporate values.

This seminar is suitable for

  • (prospective) managers

The executives

  • develop a clear understanding of the role of leadership
  • Know their strengths and areas of development and develop strategies for further development
  • Know the essential leadership tasks with regard to both result orientation and employee orientation
  • assume leadership responsibility for goals, decisions and communication
  • Basic understanding of organization and leadership
  • Leadership role – goals, tasks, competencies
  • as a manager in the area of conflict between different expectations
  • strong leadership in all directions – upwards, to colleagues, to employees, outwards as a representative of the company
  • Determination of one’s own impact – comparison of self-image and the image of others
  • Actively use communication as a key element
  • Challenging and promoting employees, developing competencies
  • Taking on leadership responsibility – what am I responsible for / what am I not responsible for?
  • Leadership in change processes – future core competence of a manager
  • Practice cases from the practice

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