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Project management simulation

Project management simulation

Effectively develop project management skills

In our project management simulation, participants experience the challenges of project work in a fictitious company. Participants go through all project phases, from initialization to successful project completion, taking different perspectives on three different projects. By focusing on teamwork, communication and joint interaction on the one hand and on the application of classic project management approaches on the other, participants gain a holistic development of their project management skills.

Through concrete experiences in the simulated situations, participants experience their own behavior and reflect on existing competencies and areas of development supported by appreciative feedback. The project management simulation particularly strengthens the behavioral and leadership skills of project managers and junior project management staff. This proven and intensive format consistently results in enthusiastic customer feedback that can confirm tangible changes in behavioral and leadership skills as a result of the project management simulation.

  • Simulation of typical project phases and characteristic challenges
  • Viewing the project from different perspectives and acting as a project manager in concrete, realistic situations
  • Result and employee orientation are made measurable
  • Permanent, active involvement of all participants (no spectators)
  • Intensive feedback for self-reflection and location determination
Goals and benefits
  • Intensive knowledge gain and learning transfer
  • Raising awareness of the crucial influence of soft skills
  • Learning of different management tools (target agreement, planning, delegation, control etc.)
  • Personal assessment of one’s own leadership behavior in project situations
  • Structured, direct and differentiated feedback from experienced trainers or coaches
  • Questioning and developing concrete patterns of action
Target groups
  • Project Lead
  • Junior staff
  • Potential candidates
  • In a group of 7 to 10 people

The project management simulation can be conducted in different versions and formats between 1.5 and 3 days, in which the following framework points fill the agenda:

  • 2-4 simulation rounds in a business game company with subsequent feedback and reflection rounds
  • Selected and practical impulses for project management practice
  • Systematic summary of findings and derivation of transfer measures
  • Can be combined with basic project management training beforehand, or accompanying project coaching afterwards
  • Integration into a development program at the start to determine location and learning objectives or at the end for evaluation purposes
  • Various customizing options

Of course, we also offer the simulation remotely!


The project management simulation can be performed in the following languages:

  • German
  • English

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