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Is talent hard to find today?

Each era has its own peculiarities. The year 1769: Sturm und Drang, the birth of free genius. The year 2015: postmodern, companies struggle to attract and retain the geniuses. Most of the time, we talk about talent. The question that arises is, what makes a talent recognizable and how does it become identifiable?

The answer is: with the use of instruments from personnel diagnostics. Especially today it is more important than ever to pay attention to quality. It is not only about the quality of the product that is delivered to the customer, be it a material object or a service. More than that, it is about the quality of cooperation, which is crucial for the quality success of the product. Most people in positions of responsibility rely on their knowledge of human nature on this point, but they are not infrequently mistaken. Deceptive effects in the hiring interview are normal. People in positions of responsibility project their expectations into people who seem competent and likeable to them. Already many a talent has turned out to be a “bloom”, counterfeit money, more appearance than reality (more on this topic). How are deceptive effects avoided?