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Study Next Leadership

Our Next Leadership study takes a look at the status of leadership development with a special focus on high potentials and their development in companies.

Study of the month: October

In an increasingly globalized world, small and medium-sized enterprises – which are often still traditionally and regionally rooted – are confronted with growing challenges. In order to remain competitive, there is a need to have qualified, capable and motivated managers in the company’s own ranks.Strametz [&] Associates has conducted a study against this backdrop that looks at the management development of medium-sized companies.

What is the value of the sense?

Corporate Purpose – a key HR trend that not only reflects a company’s “soft facts” but also delivers economic added value, as Kienbaum and Human Unlimited can demonstrate in their latest study. Changing value frameworks lead to an increasing understanding of organizations as part of society, which in turn leads to the greater importance of developing a corporate purpose (CP). What is meant here is the raison d’être of an organization – beyond profit-making. Companies “should create environmental and social value.”

5 Competencies for the future

What does current research say about future competencies? What skills will employees and managers need in the future?

Eight studies with a combined total of more than 3,000 respondents were included in our metastudy. Overall, 64 competencies emerged as particularly important in the studies. We give you an overview and focus on the 5 most important future competencies.

Study of the month: August

What does the future of organizations and work environments look like? Is the current Corona crisis an inhibiting or driving factor for the issues of leadership and structure? What will it be like, the Next Normal?

These are the questions that the current study “The Next Normal – Perspectives on the Future of Organizing”, which was produced in cooperation between the organizational consultancy Metaplan and Haufe, attempts to get to the bottom of. It is based on 100 qualitative expert interviews with managers from the DACH region.

Study of the month: July

Energy Factory St. Gallen and HR Pepper Management Consultants collaborated in April 2020 to examine how the Corona Crisis is impacting leadership culture and success in organizations. The result: top executives apparently tend to lose touch with reality!

Apparently, top executives at the 300 companies surveyed have a much more positive view of both their own work and their company’s culture than other organizational…

Study of the month: June

Around a third of managers in Germany feel overworked and insecure. This is shown by a recent study conducted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in cooperation with the Rheinhard Mohn Institute for Corporate Management. Since doubts about leadership have been shown to be associated with a lower leadership impact, many companies consequently give away valuable potential.

But what are the reasons behind the self-doubt of German managers and how can it be remedied?

Provide clarity & security

In everyday working life – and especially in a time of crisis like now – there are often difficult issues that need to be communicated to employees: for example, an unpleasant business situation, uncertain prospects or personal cutbacks.

The be-all and end-all when it comes to bad news is good communication!