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Why resumes, interviews and gut feelings are no longer enough when it comes to personnel decisions

Experienced GmbH managing directors like to rely on their knowledge of human nature when selecting suitable candidates. However, anyone who relies solely on likeability, gut feeling and biographical key points when making personnel decisions will not receive a valid statement about how successfully a candidate will fill the new position. How can modern personnel diagnostics help to identify talents, record competencies and potentials and secure personnel decisions?

Innovative potential and competence management with the affinity profile

Last year, the book “Innovative Potential and Competence Management” by Manuel Schuchna was published. It addresses a newly designed model for sound topic- and subject-specific personnel and aptitude diagnostics and provides the basis for personnel decisions based on affinity profiles.

We asked the author how he came up with the idea for this novel concept and why it has great significance for the field of diagnostics.

10 success factors for your assessment center

In our new series of articles, we highlight 10 basic success factors for designing qualitative and valid assessment centers. In the first article, you will learn why a careful requirements analysis is the foundation, why it pays to distinguish between potential and competence, and how specific behavioral anchors enable a sound assessment.