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Leadership Simulation

Leadership Simulation

The effective training for managers

The Leadership Simulation

The Leadership Simulation is a reality-based simulation of everyday leadership situations. In a business game company, both general leadership tasks and special leadership challenges (which are coordinated with the client) are embedded in a framework plot. This leads to situations close to everyday life, in which the participants learn through concrete experiences, train their own perception and expand their competencies. For each simulation round, management and employee roles are defined, which rotate between the participants from round to round. This way, everyone is actively involved and there are no spectator roles. The simulation rounds vary thematically and allow for a diverse discussion with impulses on leadership issues relevant to practice. This results in high knowledge gain and fast learning transfer. Intensive feedback sequences following each simulation round enable participants to recognize and review the effects of their own leadership behavior through reflection and to make them productively usable for their own professional challenges.

Target groups
  • Executives
  • Young leaders (Next Leader)
  • Potential candidates
  • In a group from 7 to 14 people
Possible applications

Leadership Simulation can be used for a variety of purposes and in a variety of forms:

  • Behavioral Development Center
  • behavioral assessment center
  • Training of specific leadership challenges in concrete, realistic situations
  • Trying out and practicing situational leadership styles and behaviors.
  • Determination of the position of one’s own competence as a manager
  • Identifying suitability and potential for operational employee management
  • Derive action practices for current/future leadership tasks.
  • Training of an open and constructive feedback behavior
  • Reflection of own perception and effect on others
  • Operationalization/practice transfer of corporate, leadership and cultural guidelines
  • Evaluation of seminar and training programs (Check Handlungskompetenz)

The Leadership Simulation can be conducted in different versions and formats between 1.5 and 3 days, in which the following framework points fill the agenda:

  • 3-5 simulation rounds in a business game company
  • different business areas with practical tasks
  • Verification of leadership effectiveness through performance measurement of work results.
  • Structured feedback process moderated by experienced leadership trainers
  • Selected and practical impulses for leadership practice
  • Systematic summary of findings and derivation of transfer measures

Of course, we also offer the simulation remotely!


The Leadership Simulation can be conducted in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Czech

Other formats of our leadership simulation

Project management simulation

In the project management simulation, participants work in various projects of a fictitious company. In the course of the simulation rounds, the typical phases of a project are run through and different project tasks are mastered. In addition to the common tools and methods of project management, the focus is primarily on teamwork and joint interaction. Through concrete experiences in the simulated situations, participants experience their own behavior and reflect on existing competencies and areas of development supported by appreciative feedback. The project management simulation particularly strengthens the behavioral and leadership skills of project managers and junior project management staff.

Team simulation

Our team simulations replicate the day-to-day life of a business development task force, where participants act as a team and solve various tasks and challenges together. Unlike our leadership simulations, no role specifications are made here. The participants thus act as a self-organized team in a dynamic environment and experience the tension between expectation of results and team management. The simulation rounds build on each other, but after each simulation sequence, the experienced behavior and interaction is reflected upon, so that practical insights can already be gained from this, which are implemented and trained in the next simulation unit. This ensures a high and fast transfer of learning.

Leading in the matrix

Matrix organizations are becoming increasingly important, as the coordination and decision-making processes here are designed very efficiently. In the simulation
“Leading in the matrix” maps a field of tension within a functional-object-related matrix organization. Participants can consciously reflect on this field of tension in the simulation and change perspectives by changing roles.

This format is particularly popular for diagnostic purposes in the context of an interactive dynamic development center, where approximately 12 participants are active in the simulation and multiple leadership roles can be facilitated.

Online Business Simulation

EDUardo Business Simulation enables virtual learning in a simulation company. In the process, participants learn business operation management skills by managing their own company over several rounds of simulation. The special feature of the simulation is the integrated learning platform. For each topic relevant in the simulation, there are short learning videos, tests and material as basic knowledge, so that participants can get impulses and suggestions before or while making decisions in their simulation company.

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