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Communication and Conversation Management” Training

Communication and conversation

For successful cooperation

Communication is the lubricant for successful collaboration. Communication is as naturally everyday as it is sometimes complicated. Organizations and teams that have a higher “linguistic ability” and in which even difficult topics become “ready to speak” earlier are able to cope with challenges faster and better. This is all the more true the more changes are pending or need to be implemented.

This seminar is suitable for

  • Executives (with a focus on the topics of discussion for executives)
  • Employees (with a focus on the topics of conversation for employees)

The participants

  • increase their communication readiness and competence
  • learn to control their own sensitivities in discussion processes
  • are enabled to openly address even difficult topics
  • practice leading conversations in a goal-oriented manner and bringing them to a conclusion
  • Basic considerations: Communication process, communication possibilities, communication levels
  • the basic skills of conducting conversations (taking an interest, showing oneself, leading and structuring)
  • listen sensitively – formulate clearly; the 4 sides of a message
  • meet different types – maintain one’s own effectiveness (based on the DISG behavioral profile)
  • Conversational strategies for challenging situations
  • Forms, possibilities and pitfalls of feedback
  • from the toolbox of the conversation leader: active listening, questions, vicious circles
  • Manipulation: When conversations go below the belt
  • Practice cases (topics of the participants)

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