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Appear more present – lead coherently

Appear more present – lead coherently

Did you know that what you say is only 7% content? Everything else is body and sound. So it pays to flex your (vocal) muscles if you want to be convincing in your leadership role, a negotiation or a customer presentation. In this seminar you will reflect on your own impact with the aim of strengthening your presence.

  • show physical presence and size – take your stand!
  • Moving consciously – how to pick people up and take them with you
  • Meaningfully underline statements – set accents through functional gestures
  • speak with the body – send clear messages through holistic transformation
    with video feedback
  • Transport clarity and conviction – find your own tone!
  • use the energy levels of the voice – demand with emphasis, give free space, awaken creativity
  • Self-perception and perception by others – do you appear “coherent”?
    with audio feedback
  • Emphasize keywords – how to gain trust, make people think or inspire them
  • Articulation and voice modulation – become clearer!
  • Breathe in, breathe out, breathe through – how to remain steadfast even in difficult situations

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