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Leadership Excellence Program

Leadership Excellence Program

Five modules for holistic leadership success

In a changing society and working world, many decision-makers are asking what future leaders (next leaders) need and must bring to the table and how they can be appropriately trained for leadership roles.

Since there is no one right leadership and different contexts such as corporate culture, phase of corporate development as well as leadership guidelines are more relevant to the type of leadership in organizations, it is challenging to implement effective leadership development for Next Leaders.

In order to offer an alternative or a supplement to the traditional topics of leadership development such as communication, dealing with conflicts, moderation, etc., we have developed the Leadership Excellence Program for Next Leaders, which on the one hand conveys timeless principles of leadership and on the other hand provides tools for tomorrow’s challenges.

Module 1: Create/use framework conditions

This is about defining the composition of the team and the group – who belongs to it? Who makes up a team, group, department or organizational unit? The question of affiliation must be decided.

Fields of action:

  • Team composition
  • Goals and strategy
  • Standards, processes, rules
  • Culture and values
Module 2: Making decisions happen

In the future, the next leader will not have to decide everything alone, but should know and be able to apply the keyboard of different decision-making methods to bring teams to decisions.

Fields of action:

  • Decision behavior and effects
  • different decision-making situations and corresponding methods
  • make the right choice or know the advantages and disadvantages
Module 3: Developing employees and teams

The company’s greatest asset is its employees. Encouraging and developing them is important.

Fields of action:

  • Guide
  • Consulting and coaching
  • Using consequence mechanisms correctly
Module 4: Offer meaning

Conveying meaning and purpose becomes all the more important the less personal and firmly defined leadership in the form of position and role takes place. From the point of view of the led, there needs to be a good sense of purpose and visionary direction.

Fields of action:

  • Breaking down vision into everyday work
  • Communicate Purpose
  • Offer orientation in changes
Module 5: Natural leadership authority

At its core, leadership always consists of natural authority – the one who leads thereby becomes a role model.

Fields of action:

  • Be a role model
  • Gain trust and credibility
  • Achieve charisma and presence

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